© Copyright: 11/30/07 Gary Hyink

As I stop to look and see,
I see a reflection of no one but me.
What a joy it is to look upon my face,
and so it is with the human race.
People, who stop to look and see, often write
That God has blessed me with all his might,
So, they pay me lots of money,
to sit and smile or to stand and talk.
Wherever I go; they always walk.
They take their pictures and they write their books.
They're all amazed by my good looks.
But, as I grow old and frail we all begin to see.
futility  is the end of all such vanity.

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<- - I wrote this poem as an observation of how some of the world's so-called "Beautiful people" (celebrities, etc.) view themselves and the way the media pathetically pushes them on us. Futility is, of course, the end result of all such vanity.
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<- Margery Westin
Thoughts of You
© Copyright 1988 Gary Hyink

Quite often thoughts of you cross my mind
And cause a strange inner glow.
This warmth of heart and peace of mind
Is often caused by love; I know.
Understand, now, I choose this love,
But, of course, the Lord makes it so.
Quite often thoughts of you cross my mind.
I thought I would write you and let you know.
© Copyright: 11/21/07 by Gary Hyink

The faces of life are often so hard see.
We see joy and love, but also tragedy.
The sun may rise to brighten our day.
But, as it sets, we may have lost our way.
The time is right or the time is wrong.
We sing for joy or we sing a sad song.
The faces of life are so often changing.
They may look good or need rearranging.
A joy of life is that the faces are changing.
We see one side and then we see another.
Friends may come and friends may go.
New friendships form and begin to grow.
There is a joy within Godís many graces.
Itís the joy of seeing lifeís many faces.