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t who have
helped me!

Thank you!!!
Ginsberg Center
American Stroke Assoc. We Live in and love NYC!
Deborah P Hyink
I've been rescued all over the city, multiple times, because of epilepsy. I've been picked up off of the streets, sidewalks, subway platforms, out of subway cars, etc.Usually I'm unaware and injured and need to go to the hospital for repair. Thank you, everyone, for your help!!! Note: I just look healthy! The same is true of many others. Please help. Click here. Thank you!

Debbie Hyink NYC
Debbie Hyink Pg. 2!
It's Drs. and hospitals like this who keep me alive. Please donate to their work. Thank you.
CCR - Who'll Stop the Rain?
WTC tribute****
Project Paul
Faces: Please help.
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FDNY, Thank you for my multiple rescues!!!
Homeless Assistance
Thank You Lord
help the Homeless!!!
Lost and Found by Mike Lombardi->
Thank you Lord for your grace to me.
Please help me in all that I do.
Help me be who you would have me be,
So on my life's purpose I may start.
I need your guidance every day.
Life is often so hard for me.
I often stumble, or go the wrong way.
Sometimes I'm blind and do not see,
Or speak the word you would have me say.
Thank you Lord for your grace to me.
Please help me in all that I do.
Help me be who you would have me be,
So I may praise you for all eternity
Gary Hyink - Copyright 1988
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Amazing Grace
Dorothy Love Coates Holding On
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Gary Hyink-Normburger Hall of Fame 4/2/04
The Lord is my Shepherd
He  wants to be yours too!
Pink Floyd Tribute to Syd Barrett
11/20/09 onto the Carnival "Dream" with my angelic wife, Deborah Hyink.
Pink Floyd - Great Gig in the Sky
Pink Floyd Live 8 - Money
This dr. (click here) will do a temporal lobectomy on me 1/28/10. Please support his work. Thank you.
Pink Floyd - Us & Them!
I<- Hope This cures me :-)
Pink Floyd
Scumann Toccata
USA Homelessness
Salvation Army
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